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Web discussion about studying medicine in the Czech Republic

Web discussion about studying medicine in the Czech Republic

We are happy to announce our new options as we always have something new to keep you busy :) 

The fee for the exam is only 100,- EUR. The application form is here:



You can also pay it online on the webpage using your payment card, or we can invoice you for the bank transfer.

If the students pass the exam successfully, they'll get the real admission for General Medicine or Dentistry programs.

Then they would need to pay a tuition fee of 11.400,- for GM and 12.700,- for Dentistry if they want to continue with the visa process, etc.

They don't pay anything additionally.


The exam will be organized online on 14th of April 2021, the results will be known within a week.

The deadline for applications is 27th of February 2021 (payment of 100,- eur should be delivered until that date too, otherwise the application won't be considered).  

Bonus from ISN Prague:

We will provide electronic books, presentations and completed summarized information in PDF form from each subject for each registered applicant.

P.S. I believe it is not much to pay 100 EUR for the trial exam and try luck which might lead to admission to Medicine in Czechia!

  • 19 يناير 2021
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